A User-friendly Date Dropdown For Vue.js that allows the user to pick a date from separated dropdown selects. Ideal for entering date of birth.

Date _Time


Vue Date Dropdown

A Vue date dropdown component

npm version




npm install vue-date-dropdown --save  yarn add vue-date-dropdown
import DateDropdown from 'vue-date-dropdown'  export default { 	... 	components: { 		DateDropdown 	}, 	data () { 		return { 			selectedDate: '', 			... 		} 	} 	... }

Or if you are using CDN version

<script src="vue-date-dropdown.min.js"></script>  <script> Vue.use(DateDropdown)  new Vue({ 	... 	data() { 		return { 			selectedDate: '', 			... 		} 	} 	... }); <script>


See the demo in the example folder.

Setting a default date

<date-dropdown default="1995-01-10" v-model="selectedDate" />

Setting a min date

<date-dropdown min="1960" v-model="selectedDate" />

Setting a max date

<date-dropdown max="2018" v-model="selectedDate" />

Setting a range of dates

<date-dropdown min="1960" max="2017" v-model="selectedDate" />

Setting Russian names of months

<date-dropdown 	v-model="selectedDate"  	months-names="Январь, Февраль, Март, Апрель, Май, Июнь, Июль, Август, Сентябрь, Октябрь, Ноябрь, Декабрь"> <date-dropdown>



Name Type Description
default String Set default date.
min String Limits the year to a minimum specified value.
max String Limits the year to a maximum specified value.
months-names String The alternative names of month.

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