A dead simple Material Design styled month calendar built using Vue.js and VueMaterial.

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Vue Month Calendar - You can now choose dates without a calendar.


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How to install

 npm install vue-month-calendar --save

How to use

import VueMonthCalendar from 'vue-month-calendar'  const currentDate = new Date()  new Vue({   el: '#month-calendar',   name: 'vue-month-calendar',   data: function () {     return {       options: {         minYear: currentDate.getFullYear() - 7,         maxYear: currentDate.getFullYear(),         initialDate: {},         finalDate: {}       }     }   },   components: {     'VueMonthCalendar': VueMonthCalendar   } })
In your page use
  <vue-month-calendar id='month-calendar' locale='en-US' :options="options"></vue-month-calendar>
Dual list options
  • options.locale:(optional): Application locale;
  • options.minYear:(required): Min year that will be shown in the select options.;
  • options.maxYear:(required): Min year that will be shown in the select options.;
  • options.initialDate:(required): First day of month that you selected.;
  • options.finalDate:(required): Last day of month that you selected.;

change month calendar

npm install -g nodemon 

To execute your changes run the command npm run dev

Used versions


version: 2.2.6


version: ^0.7.1


It is available under the MIT license. License

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