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A simple draggable dialog box component for Vue.js component.

Modal _Popup


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Simple draggable dialog



  • Drag & Drop
  • Touch support (only for drag, not for drop)
  • Drop area component
  • 'Pin mode', to lock drag.


npm install vue-dialog-drag --save 


Import and register component

import DialogDrag from 'vue-dialog-drag'  export default{   ...   components:{     DialogDrag   } }

include css

<style src='vue-dialog-drag/dist/vue-dialog-drag.css'></style> 

Or import source component from: 'vue-dialog-drag/src/vue-dialog-drag.vue' And install devDependencies. (stylus and pug) see package.json)


Single file component

<template>   <div id="app">     <dialog-drag id="dialog-1">       <p> Test dialog</p>     </dialog-drag>     <drop-area @drop='drop'>       <p>Drop Here</p>     </drop-area>   </div> </template>  <script>   import DialogDrag from 'vue-dialog-drag' import DropArea from 'vue-dialog-drag/dist/drop-area' export default {   name: 'app',   components: {     DialogDrag,     DropArea   },   methods: {     drop (id) {       console.log('drop id:', id)     }   } } </script>  <style src="vue-dialog-drag/dist/vue-dialog-drag.css"></style> <style src="vue-dialog-drag/dist/drop-area.css"></style>  <!-- optional dialog styles, see example --> <style src="vue-dialog-drag/dist/dialog-styles.css"></style> 


See this fiddle

Dialog Component


  • title: dialog title. If you don't need formatted title, use 'title' prop.
  • button-pin: content for pin button
  • button-pinned: content for pin button when dialog is pinned
  • button-close: content for close button


  • id: Unique id for dialog
  • title: Dialog title
  • eventCb: Function(props Object)
  • options: Object
    • left: Number
    • top: Number
    • zIndex: Number
    • x: alias of left
    • y: alias of top
    • z: alias of zIndex
    • width: Number (0 or null to auto)
    • height: Number (0 or null to auto)
    • buttonPin: Boolean
    • buttonClose:Boolean
    • dragCursor: css cursor to show when drag is enabled
    • centered: "viewport" | "parent" , center dialog to viewport or parent element
    • pinned: Boolean, disable/enable drag
    • dropEnabled: Boolean, handle drag with mouse events, instead of drag events


All event emits an object: { id, left, top, x, y, z, width, height, pinned } You can format it, whith 'eventCb' prop.

  • load: fired on mounted
  • focus: fired on click and touch
  • pin: fired on pin / unpin dialog
  • drag-start: fired on dragstart
  • move: fired when move dialog
  • drag-end: fired on dragend
  • close: fired when close dialogs


The main container has class .dialog-drag, and .dialog-drag .fixed when dialog is pinned

You can import extra dialog styles from dist/dialog-styles.css.

view: example styles

Drop area component


Over: content rendered when the dialog is dragged over drop area.


drop: fired when drop the dialog, emits dialog id.

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