Time ago angularjs plugin allow to show the time in human readable firmat….for example like few time ago,hours ago,etc

Date_Time Plugins


ng-timeago demo

Is an AngularJS module for simple time ago on static data. No directives here, just a filters.

Mostly based on various snippets which I found on JSFiddle, with some changes by me.

Quick start

bower install ng-timeago 

new version

bower install ng-timeago0.0.2 

or alternatively download and include ngtimeago.js after angular.min.js.

Add the ngtimeago module as a dependency when creating your app, e.g.

var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ngtimeago']);` 

NO NEED TO INJECT in controller directly use in html.


                                <p>                                                                          <small>                                          posted {{createdOn|timeago}} by uttesh                                       </small>                                 </p> 


For problems/suggestions please create an issue on Github.



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