AudioPlayer.js is an easy-to-customize jQuery plugin used to build a minimal HTML5 audio player for your MP3, MP4, Wav or Ogg files.




A audio player of jQuery plugin.

How to use

Path Description
jQuery.AudioPlayer.js the script file
jQuery.AudioPlayer.css the stylesheet file


<!-- jQuery file --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>  <!-- jQuery.AudioPlayer.js --> <link href="../src/theme.default.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="../src/jQuery.AudioPlayer.js" type="text/javascript" ></script>  <script type="text/javascript">     $(function() {         var player = $.AudioPlayer;         player.init({             container: '#audioWrap'             ,source: ''             ,imagePath: './image'             ,debuggers: false             ,allowSeek: true         });     }); </script> 


argument value Description
container String The outer Dom ClassName/id, default 'body'/外部Dom ClassName / id,默认的“body”
source String audio source / 音频源
imagePath String image resources / 图像资源
debuggers Boolean open console log, default close 'false' / 打开控制台日志,默认关闭:false
allowSeek Boolean Whether to support drag and drop, the default open: true / 是否支持拖拽,默认开启:true
canplayCallback function After can play TODO / 可以播放之后,做某些事情
onloadstartCallback function After searching for the audio TODO / 开始查找音频之后,做某些事情
onwaitingCallback function When the video because that need to be a frame buffer and stop / 当视频由于需要缓冲下一帧而停止
playCallback function After playback TODO / 播放之后,做某些事情
pauseCallback function After the suspension TODO / 暂停之后,做某些事情
seekedCallback function After the drag, the callback function (allowSeek: false) / 拖动之后,回调函数(allowSeek: false
endedCallback function End of the play TODO / 播放结束之后,做某些事情
mutedCallback function After the mute TODO / 静音之后,做某些事情

The 'function' result data.status == true mean success.


  • AudioPlayer.init(); initialization / 初始化
  • AudioPlayer.updateSource(); Update the playback of audio file / 更新播放音频文件
  • AudioPlayer.toggleplay(); Switch to suspend began / 切换暂停开始
  •; Start playing / 开始播放
  • AudioPlayer.pause(); pause / 暂停播放
  • AudioPlayer.muted(); mute / 静音

AudioPlayer.init(); // initialization


AudioPlayer.init({     container: '#audioWrap'     ,source: './Fade.mp3'     ,debuggers: false     ,allowSeek: false     ,canplayCallback: function(){         // your code     }     ,playCallback: function(){         // your code     }     ,pauseCallback: function(){         // your code     }     ,seekedCallback: function(){         // your code     }     ,endedCallback: function(){         // your code     }     ,mutedCallback: function(data){         // your code     } }); 


Update the playback of audio file / 更新播放音频文件

argument / 参数:

  • source: audio file path / 音频文件路径


jQuery.AudioPlayer.updateSource({     source: './example.mp3' }); 

AudioPlayer.toggleplay(); // Switch to suspend began / 切换暂停开始; // Start playing / 开始播放

argument / 参数:

  • function(data){}
    • data.status:true 播放成功

Example:{     if(data.status){         alert('Say Hello');     } }); 

AudioPlayer.pause(); 暂停播放

argument / 参数:

  • function(data){}
    • data.status:true 暂停成功

Example:{     if(data.status){         alert('Say Bye');     } }); 

AudioPlayer.muted(); 切换静音

argument / 参数:

  • function(data){}
    • data.status:true 静音成功

Example:{     if(data.status){         alert('已静音');     } }); 

Change log

  • Add comments in English
  • Fix the window change audio download progress bar UI has not changed
  • Add onloadstartCallback function
  • Add onwaitingCallback function


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