A huge collection of pure css checkboxes.

CSS Forms


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Tons of Checkboxes

A huge collection of pure css checkboxes.

Click Here for Demo


IE9+, Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 5+

How to use

  1. Install via NPM npm i css-checkbox-library or Download the Zip
  2. Import the checkboxes.min.css or checkboxes.css file from the dist folder.
  3. Use the checkbox design you like with the following markup. In the example below the class ckbx-square-1 is important.
<div class="ckbx-square-1">   <input type="checkbox" checked id="ckbx-square-1-2" value="0" name="ckbx-square-1">   <label for="ckbx-square-1-2"></label> </div>

That's it.

You can checkout the DEMO to get HTML Code for each design. Just press the HTML button.


  • Circles, Squares
  • Toggles
  • HTML Code Snippet
  • Added Different Sizes
  • Color Variations
  • More Animations
  • Just for Fun Toggles

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