Natural-Gallery is a lazy load, infinite scroll and natural layout list gallery.

Core Java Script Gallery


Natural Gallery JS

A library that allows you to display images with with natural layouts, infinite scroll, lazy loading, lightbox and interactivity in a developer friendly by exposing an usefull api.

See the demo



Install with NPM or Yarn

npm i natural-gallery-js
yarn add natural-gallery-js


All contributions are welcome, but keep in mind that the gallery will stay simple : too generalist or too specific features that could be done from your controllers won't be added.

Found a bug ?

Create an issue where you report what you observe, what you expect to observe, and the context of usage, as well as your browser and it's version.

Want a new feature ?

Consider a pull request, but create an issue before to expose your idea. Maybe the feature you would like to add is already on the pipeline or is intentionally not included for good reasons.


Developed by ecodev under MIT licence, the app is free of use, even for commercial usage. Even if it's not required a credit would be much appreciated.


This gallery uses Photoswipe !

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