Canvallax is a small (5.8kb minified, 2.1kb gzipped) dependency-free Javascript library for managing elements on <canvas>. Support is built-in for:Parallax Scrolling, with optional damping to smooth motionsPointer TrackingDistance/scalingImages on Canvas, from URLs or nodes (<img />, <canvas />, etc) with Canvallax.ImageCommon shapes (Canvallax.Circle, Canvallax.Polygon and Canvallax.Rectangle)Element stacking with zIndexFixed position ElementsElement cloning

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Canvallax 2 is Coming

I've been working hard at improving the Canvallax API & feature set, and it's almost ready for prime time. Check out the v2.0.0 branch to try out the upcoming features. File any feedback or bugs under Issues

What's new in 2.0.0?

  • Built in animation engine with .to, .from and .fromTo methods on all elements.
  • Better Tracker setup and DOM element tracking
  • Full documentation with JSDoc
  • Any-shape polygon ( var star = canvallax.Polygon({ points: [[80, 0], [100, 50], [160, 55], [115, 95], [130, 150], [80, 120], [30, 150], [45, 95], [0, 55], [60, 50],'close'] }); )
  • Plugin support! Easily extend Canvallax with your own Elements, Methods & Trackers. Example Canvallax.Pattern & Canvallax.RoundedRectangle plugins included.
  • Canvallax.Ellipse to replace Canvallax.Circle, make round shapes of any size!
  • Canvallax.Group for keeping Elements linked together.



Easy parallax effects on <canvas>

Canvallax is a small (5.8kb minified, 2.1kb gzipped) dependency-free Javascript library for managing elements on <canvas>. Support is built-in for:

  • Parallax Scrolling, with optional damping to smooth motions
  • Pointer Tracking
  • Distance/scaling
  • Images on Canvas, from URLs or nodes (<img />, <canvas />, etc) with Canvallax.Image
  • Common shapes (Canvallax.Circle, Canvallax.Polygon and Canvallax.Rectangle)
  • Element stacking with zIndex
  • Fixed position Elements
  • Element cloning

The Canvallax library is primarily meant to help with managing individual elements on canvas with unified positioning, scale and scroll effects. Some canvas knowledge will be needed for more advanced implementations like custom elements and animation, though most effects can be achieved with the built-in functionality.


Starfield Header Image Slice Pointer Tracking Parallax Sky Background Falling Hexagon Mask transformOrigin

View the CodePen collection of Canvallax demos

Basic Usage

Create a new Canvallax instance either by calling new Canvallax() or Canvallax(), either will work. First variable is an optional object containing options, the default values are shown below.

  var myCanvallax = Canvallax(),       img = Canvallax.Image('image.jpg'),       circle = Canvallax.Circle(),       triangle = Canvallax.Polygon({         sides: 3       }),       square = Canvallax.Rectangle({         width: 100,         height: 100       });      myCanvallax.add(img,circle,triangle,square);   

Read the Canvallax Wiki for full documentation.

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